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C​al​ifornia ​​Wine Slush​            

Truly A Taste of  California Daydreaming !!!


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Making the Ordinary Wine Unexpected!

Enjoy a drink that will remind you of sunny California. Sit back and take a sip of California Wine Slush! It is the unique combination of our flavor packets, wine (or liqueur), and ice blended to make a tasty “slushie” treat. We have more than 2 dozen Wine Slush flavors that will make you the delight of any party or occasion.  One package will make 64 ozs.

Each pack is a powdered mix with a standard recipe:

Mix 5 cups of ice with one bottle of wine (750ml) and one packet of the mix in a blender until desired consistency is achieved.  Should make 64 ozs

The following is an alternative way of preparation which has been shared by their consumers who mix without a blender:

Mix a bottle of wine, equal amounts of water, and a packet of the mix. Then, freeze it for 4 to 6 hours. After that, defrost a bit for 5-10 minutes and then it's ready for consumption.  Should make 64 ozs.

*Each pack comes with instructions.



"What a creative way to kick it up a notch when enjoying alcoholic beverages or even delightful alone.  I bought the 10 pack at the Pleasanton Harvest Festival so I could gift these clever drink packages to family and friends.  Thank You!!


- California Wine Slush Customer

 "Superior customer service.  They let me sample multiple flavors  and stayed with me until I was secure with the Flavors I wanted.  Love this company,  they are so friendly and very professional.  They were the most fun booth at the Craft show.  I will come back next year just to see them.


- California Wine Slush Customer

 " Absolutely Love their products,

and they have so many wonderful flavors to choose from. I really loved the Queen of Hearts!!  That Chocolate Cherry flavor is truly out of this world.  The sample I tried was made with a sparkling wine.  Loved it so much   I bought a ten pack of the Queen of Hearts.


- California Wine Slush Customer

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