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Over 15+ wine slush flavors that will make you the delight of any party or occasion.

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Browse our favorite wine slush recipes developed over years of experimentation.

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Drop by & taste our wine slush flavors for yourself as we tour the western states.

Unique. Refreshing. 

Truly compatible with a great white wine; our flavors will knock your socks off!

What is A Wine Slush?

Our Wine Slush is the unique combination of our flavor packets, wine (or liqueur) and ice all blended together to make a tasty “slushie” treat. We also have flavors that go great as a hot beverage, perfect for a winter day! *Each package comes with instructions.

Cold Beverages
• Combine an entire package with 1 bottle of white or red wine in a blender 
• Add ice and mix until the consistency is that of a margarita.

Hot Drinks
• Mix the contents of the package with your favorite wine or liqueur, warm and serve.

We have a page of our favorite recipes and also a forum where wine slush enthusiasts share their own special recipes.


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