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                                              BLUEBERRY HILL

Blueberries are certified as heart-healthy through The American Heart Association thus they can be a part of a sensible eating plan.  The delicious taste of a Blueberry is sweeter than grapes. The taste of a Pomegranate is tart.  Put them together and you get a wonderful burst of the two flavors on your pallet.

Currently we have over 2 dozen different Gourmet Flavors that will make an unexpected delight for any Party, BBQ or Special Occasion.  With a Red Wine you get a Rich Hardy Robust Flavor.  With a White Wine you get a more Delicate Flavor. It is because of our Proprietary Custom Blends that keeps us Head and Shoulders above every one else.

To make a Slushie add 1 bottle of 750 mil wine and an equal amount of water with one package of Wine Slush Mix, stir and freeze for 4 to 6 hours.  Afterwards thaw for 10 to 15 minutes then serve.

To make a Frappe` add 1 bottle of 750 mil wine with 5 to 6 cups of ice with one package of Frappe` (Wine Slush Mix) in a blender and mix for about one minute.  For parties this is a great way to make it as there is no wait time.

If you prefer Vodka or Rum use 6 to 12 oz. instead of wine.  Each 5 oz. package of powdered mix will make about 10 to 12 servings.