Ice blended drink mix flavors for red or white wine cocktails.

ice blended Wine Drinks

first crush

First Crush is our newest flavor This is a combination of Orange, Peach, Strawberry,Rhubarb and a French Vanilla. This one is our most popular flavor of all. Serve this one with champagne, Moscato or Vodka.

MOon Shadow

Combination of a Red Raspberry and Black Raspberry. We have been making this flavor since July 2018 and it has been the most popular since it’s inception. We strongly recommend making it with your Rose of choice!


Nectarine is in the peach family of fruit. Blend this with your favorite Rose or White Wine will make the flovors pop on this summertime favorite.

lady in red Martini mix

Lady In Red Martini Mix  was developed specifically as a Vodka drink. There are many brands of Vodka that are now making a cream flavor. This combination is outstanding!!! If you are not a Vodka drinker, a white wine, Moscato,or Champagne is a good substitute.

pucker up

This one tastes and smells exactly like the Jolly Rancher Sour Green Apple candy. A Moscato or Champagne is the ticket for this one. If you want to make this one for the kids, use Martinelli’s apple cider.

queen of hearts

Queen of Hearts is a tart cherry and chocolate combination. I normally serve this one with a red wine.

summer breeze

We are using the Summer fruits of Watermelon, Cherry and Strawberry. This flavor pairs with a Moscato or Champagne.

huckleberry mountain

A Mountain Huckleberry is indigenous to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. That whole region is known for their Huckleberries. This is extremely flavorful. Because a Huckleberry is a dark color berry a red wine pairs best with this flavor.  It tastes exactly like Grandma’s homemade Huckleberry pie.

peach bellini

The Peach tastes like you are walking in an orchard and pick a fresh peach off the tree. It is really that true of a flavor. A Chardonnay or Riesling works good, but use a Champagne and you have a Peach Bellini.

mango peach

This is a real Summer Tropical light flavor, a real feeling of Georgia Peaches and a Tropical Island combined. Pairs with a Chardonnay.

lemon drop

We used a Creamy Lemon Vanilla flavor for a smooth taste instead of a tart Lemon.  We recommend Vodka instead of wine. You can use a white wine or Champagne if you wish, but the Vodka really brings out a light fruity flavor.  This is one of our top favorites.  It tastes like a lemon cream pie.


When I designed the Piña Colada, I went light on the coconut and pineapple, but extra heavy on the cream. that made all the difference in the world. I think you will love it. White Zinfandel and 4-6 oz. of rum works best for this delicious dessert.


This flavor is made the same as the Piña Colada but has a refreshing Cherry flavor. This one also pairs with White Zinfandel and 4-6 oz. of rum.


This is a combination of our Mango, Peach and Mimosa flavors. It’s a smooth creamy Tropical and Citrus flavor. Since we added this flavor we have had a hard time keeping up with the demand. Definitely service this one with Champagne!


My personal favorite. It is a real treat to the palette. If you like berries you will love this one. If you like red wines, a Merlot or Cabernet – if you like White Wines, A White Zinfandel or Riesling. However, for a refreshing change, use a Champagne or flavored Vodka, it really brings out the light fruity taste!


This is a mouth bursting combination of flavors. Raspberry, Blackberry, Pomegranate and Green Tea all come together to herald a Mixed Berry taste with a zing!


Our most popular flavor by far. If you liked the 50/50 Creamsicle ice cream you will love our Mimosa flavor. Instead of a sharp orange juice bite, this has a real smooth creamy Orange flavor with a Vanilla taste. This one I designed to use with Champagne. It is great for weddings or any special occasion.


This flavor is very popular. If you like Red Wines, this one is for you. It’s is a combination of Citrus and Berry flavors. Merlot or Cabernet is your best bet.


Truly refreshing with a great white wine. I like chardonnay or a Zinfandel.


Truly refreshing with a great red wine. I like a Merlot or Cab.


This is a combination of blueberry, pomegranate and lemon. It pairs best with a dry red wine.  It has just enough lemon so it isn’t too sweet.


This tastes like a blend of Pina colada and a Mai tai. best with a moscato or champagne. But really terrific with Malibu coconut rum…


This flavor is complimented best with red wines.  It is a combination of blueberry and pomegranate.  Pair this one with either a Merlot or Cabernet.


Our new rising star. The Strawberry flavor is sweet and the Pomegranate is a tart flavor. This combination really makes the flavors complement each other extremely well.  Since we added this flavor it has been outselling all other flavors.  Thanks to the Strawberry flavor, a Champagne or a Moscato really brings this one to life.


This one is exactly as its name says, it’s a combination of Chocolate and Raspberry. It is really for a dessert or after dinner drink. This flavor has unique properties. If you use a Red Wine it has a rich hardy flavor but it tends to bring out more of the Raspberry flavor. With a Champagne it has a much lighter flavor that tends to bring out more of a Chocolate flavor in it. If you want to put some extra kick into this one … try adding Baileys Cream, and Kailua. Use about 6 to 10 oz. of each.

Hot Wine Drinks


Our Hot Buttered Rum is an old family recipe dating back to the 1840’s. One of the smoothest and creamiest Hot Buttered Rum’s we’ve ever tasted! It’s best used with a Chardonnay (because they have a buttery flavor), and 4 oz. of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum.


This is the same as our mixed berry flavor but I added cinnamon, clove and other spices to give that fabulous home-for-the-holidays flavor. Instead of serving a hot spiced apple cider, this is the beverage that your guests will be raving about for a long time to come. Pairs best with Merlot or Cabernet. This is a warm hug in a mug!