Our wine slush mix can be used in a variety of different wine slush recipes and not just those that are listed on the packaging.

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Below you’ll find some of our custom wine slush recipes as well as some that have been submitted to us by our customers. We want to know your favorite way to use our flavors. Submit your recipe to us and we might publish it on our list! Click here to share your ideas with our wine slush community.


General Wine Slush Recipes:

The mixing recipe for all of the Wine Slush Flavors is the same.
• Combine 5 cups of ice in a blender and crush the ice first fine like snow.
• Combine 1 package of the Wine Slush and one bottle (750 ml) of your favorite dry red or white wine.
• Mix until the consistency of a Margarita. My wife and I are not heavy drinkers so we like it with the 5 cups of finely crushed ice and a half bottle of wine. Make it to taste. A good, option for wine is a bottle Champagne or Moscato.

Another option you can try is to use Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Brandy or even Gin. If you use a hard liquor instead of wine start with 10 to 12 oz. first and then you can adjust to taste. Another option is to use a 6 oz. cup of a flavored yogurt with any flavor to give it a lighter creamier Summer Fun Flavor, like an adult smoothie. If you prefer to make the slush non-alcoholic use Canada Dry Ginger Ale instead of wine.

Wine Slush Recipes by flavor:

Pina Colada & Cherry Pina Colada

We have found that a White Zinfandel and 4 oz. Of Malibu Caribbean coconut rum really adds a great burst of flavor.

Mimosa, lemon drop, tropical delight, strawberry pomegranate & raspberry

Served best with an extra dry Champagne, Moscato or Vodka.  If you want a little extra creamy flavor, add 1 Scoop of vanilla ice cream to the blender and mix.

Peach, mango peach, & strawberry cream

Served best with a White Zinfandel, Chardonnay or your favorite white wine.


Best served with a Merlot, Cabernet, Tequila, or Vodka.

Blueberry pomegranate, mixed berry, blue ambrosia, mountain huckleberry

Best with a Merlot or Cabernet. But if you want it light and fruity try a champagne and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate raspberry & queen of hearts with a Merlot

A real hardy flavor and you taste more of the raspberry flavor, but with a champagne it is a much lighter flavor and you taste more of the chocolate. For something really special add a scoop of ice cream (chocolate or vanilla) 4 oz. of Bailey’s Irish Cream and 4 oz. of Kahlua to the blender and you really have something special!

warm winter spice

We recommend using ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail, and not an off brand, along with a Merlot wine. 3 cups water, 3 cups cranberry juice, 1 bottle Merlot and heat up in a crock pot until warm then add the mix. Let simmer for about l hour before serving.

Hot buttered rum

Add 3 cups water, 1 bottle chardonnay Warmup in crock-pot then add 1 package of the mix. For an extra special hot buttered rum add 4 oz. of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum or Fireball Whiskey, simmer for about 1 hour then serve. I like to serve it in a mug, add one scoop of vanilla ice cream in the mug, pour in the hot buttered rum top with whip cream and sprinkle nutmeg and or cinnamon on top. Absolutely great on a cold or rainy day!